Welcome, students! Know more and deeper about Kpops here!
It's such a wonderful uppotunity having you here. Have fun and gain more knowledge here!



University's Administrator


Founder and President
LooNa7 is the founder and President of this University. She was been into Kpop since 2010 and decided to open up this university to those students gain knowledge, confidence and achieve their dreams.

Hi, welcome to your new University - The Kpop University! 

    Here you can enjoy your different Girls and Boys Kpop groups. No discrimination. You are all in one university wherein you will learn different courses such as: Korean, Singing, Dancing, Modeling, Acting and you will be ready to become the future star!

Enjoy your stay here!

Every fan would dream of being with their idol or at least look like them. We know, we are on the same boat! In order to achieve your dreams, we are here to help!


You can access here to know every news there is, on what's going on on your idol.


Know all the artist. Get connected to the idol. Know them better.


Get along with your schoolmates!